Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's in my bag?

I got inspired with Kate's (from The Small Things Blog) blog entries lately and I thought of sharing to y'all what's in my granny square crochet bag as well. :)
Okay, I'd like to start off with my 2 cellphones. Yeah I have 2 cellphones. The red one is I think a Nokia 101 and it's dual sim, I have sims from 2 different networks in here. heheh. My Samsung Galaxy Young is just the greatest phone I've had in my life, I can go online wherever and whenever I want. But I only access to the internet in a WiFi zone so I won't get billed for internet usage. hahah! Well, moving forward... I have my favorite comb handy, can't leave the house without it. I make sure to bring my handy dandy tape measure with me as well just in case I need it. And the yellow thing below the tape measure is a menthol cone, one of my most favorite things in the world. I like it because I just have to rub it on my temples and nauseous feeling just goes away in no time. I bring along my favorite scent, Charlie Silver. Charlie White is another favorite. And to keep track of my daily activities, my planner is always with me. And I bring my sunglasses along when I feel like wearing it, to protect my eyes from the summer heat. I also keep big and small-sized crochet hooks and a pair of scissors in my bag just in case I get stuck and need to wait in a very long line or simply when I get bored, I'd just go ahead and buy some yarn. Crocheting just makes my day. Then there's my purple pen, my planner just can't live without it. I keep 2 flavors of my favorite Victoria's Secret lipgloss and a pack of tissue. Oh, I forgot to include my house keys on the photo. I think that's the most important thing to bring when I get out of the house. nyaheheh.  :-D
So far these are the important things that I need when I get out of the house. And I hope you enjoy reading my entry as well... Till next time. Thanks and God bless you all.  ;)


  1. Hi dear my friend, I am your newest follower just now..:))
    I like your style and your crochets so much. What's in my bag idea is wonderful I think. I posted what's in my bag in my blog..
    If you visit my blog I will be very happy..
    Nice to meet you. I will follow your blog very closer..
    All best wishes...

    1. Hello there! Thank you very much for your wonderful comment. And thank you for following my blog as well, I will try my very best to post more interesting blogs for you to read. Yeah I crochet like crazy, I'm totally addicted to it! :-D
      I will be very happy to visit and follow your blog, I'm glad I found a new friend in here. God bless you. <3<3<3