Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Valentine's Day has been lonely for me. My Valentino is in a far place, but we keep in touch. I miss him so. I hope we will be together soon. 
I finished this crochet heart a week ago. I followed a YouTube tutorial from The Art of Crochet. I truly enjoy following the video tutorial. I never have the courage to create my own design yet, but I will come up with something soon. :-)
Since I've been crocheting almost everyday, I figured I should be more active on blogging. I'm about to finish a crochet bag, also followed a YouTube tutorial from OVW. Even with just showcasing my finished projects to whoever is interested in reading my posts. Or when there's something bothering me, anything under the sun, I'll try to blog about it. I figured I should have my own journal, to share to everyone.
I wish you'll have a great Valentine's Day. Spread and share the LOVE.  <3