Saturday, April 21, 2012

Granny Squares Bag, Cellphone Cozies and a Flower

Months ago, I attempted to make granny squares blanket for my Dad. He said he won't be needing it, he hardly uses a blanket. :-D But I've already made around 27 granny squares, I didn't know what to do with them.
I came across a YouTube video of mikeyssmail on the different methods of joining granny squares, I favored the joining method using single crochet. Since I love bags, I thought of making a bag out of the granny squares I made.
 I decided to put all the shades of brown together, I'm not so sure if the colors are coordinating nicely.

 The big, wooden button is just the cutest! :-)

I'll try to make another one using the remaining granny squares that I got. ;)

When I was in college I made cellphone cozies. As years passed by, I experimented with different crochet stitches and yarns as well. This time I experimented with 3 different strands of multi-colored yarns, I'm happy with how the colors coordinated perfectly.

 I made this for my Samsung Galaxy Young.

This, too... I super love the butterfly button.

This is for my smaller phone, a Nokia 101 I think. :)

With the same 3 strands of multi-colored yarns, I made crocheted flowers. I followed a YouTube tutorial by , it's actually a video tutorial for crocheted earrings. The second flower reminds me of a festival, I named it Mardi Gras. The third flower is named Grafitti, I have no idea how my brother came up with the name. :)  The first and fourth ones were the same, I used a single strand of a 4 ply gray yarn.
 Well, that's it for now. I'll be seeing you soon for my future finished projects. Thanks in advance for reading my post. <3<3<3