Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's Been A While...

I know it's been a while, I realize how I missed posting here. I've been very busy with the business and there are just so many things to do. But I crochet during my free time, my free time's just not enough to compose a blog post. But I have so many things to show, my finished projects over the past months...
1.)  Crochet Hoop Earrings - I followed another YouTube tutorial by Jess (simplycrochet2021) and they're just so pretty! Jess used bangles for the "hoops," I found a smaller-sized set of rings at the fashion accessory store where I usually buy materials. I experimented by adding beads, fimo beads and crystals. I just love how they came out. <3

2.)  iPad Case - My friend Maksi asked me to make an iPad case for his brother Jeff, who likes to have it in purple. Please excuse the photo quality, I used my cellphone camera and the lighting is horrible. Plus I'm still saving up for a good camera. :) I didn't follow a pattern for this, this is my own design I should say. I made this in half double crochet, which is my favorite stitch by the way. I'm so happy Jeff loved it!

3.)  Granny Bottom Bag - Another awesome tutorial by Marcelle (OVW in YouTube). The video has 2 parts, this is her Tutorial Tuesday 15 video. She instructed to make the basic 20x20 granny square, then followed her instructions into making it a pretty bag. I used leftover yarns for my bag & I experimented with 5 colors: dark grey, purple, chocolate brown, grey and blue violet. I was glad the colors coordinated well. :)
And I made 37 rows of 8 hdc for the handles.

4.)  Doilies - Lately I'm going crazy about crochet doilies! There's something about the intricate details that I find very beautiful. I found 3 patterns in Ravelry named "Pretty Pineapples" and I was able to finish one. The others are still WIP's.
Lovely.... Just lovely... <3<3<3

There you go! The projects that I've finished during my long absence. Thank you for your time and enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving, too!

~ Peace and Love, Sacha