Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What I've Been Up To These Past Few Months...

I hadn't realized it's been over a year since my last post. Well, I have my reasons. My laptop is broken & I'm just relying on my phone for my internet access. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to write a post. But my most wonderful reason is MOTHERHOOD. We had our little warrior princess on December 4th '13, she is now 8 months old. We named her Princess Chloe Abbygayle, Gaby for short. She's the best Christmas present we ever received.

She's given me inspiration to crochet more for her.
I first made her a puff stitch flower headband, I followed a video tutorial of bobwilson123, the pattern is originally by Kinga E of 

Then I made her this basic beanie with pompom.
When she turned 3 months old I made her these shells baby hat with earflaps by Kinga E of still. Her patterns are just amazing! Ooh, also check out the cute little buttons at the center of the flowers. :)
Meet her new friend, Bunnie! I totally forgot the source of the pattern but I sure got it free. :)
My version of the Peapod Baby Sundress. I got the pattern from I made this for summer but I never got to take a photo of her wearing this.
On her 4th month, I made her this sunshine yellow slouchy beanie.
I followed a video tutorial of gillyscraftworld for this cotton thread crochet baby hat. I just love the pattern, its lacy design is just perfect for the Philippine tropical weather.
This is the latest project I finished for Gaby, a crochet swirl baby afghan. I followed a video tutorial of Teresa Richardson aka The Crochet Geek.
I have more finished projects that I haven't taken a photo from, including 2 dresses & 2 hats. I will definitely post the photos next time. There are other projects I finished that are not for Gaby. I wasn't able to take photos of all of them, will also post the others next time. Here are some of them:
Slouchy beanies, hair snaps, African flower hexagon granny tablet cozy & bag, pineapple bag (pattern from a Japanese crochet book), Moogly's Chevron Lace Wrap, Summer Sling Tote by Priscilla Hewitt.
I sure hope you all like what I've made during my long absence. Till next time. God bless us all!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Granny Bottom Bags and Slouchy Beanies

A lot has been going on the past few months. Long vacations, festivals, sudden passing of loved ones. But with everything that I've been through, I have my yarns and hooks with me always. As time passes by, they've been my companion. That's what I love about crochet, it's very convenient and portable. Not to mention it's the best stress reliever ever!

My cousin Izzy and my brother Khail found my crochet beanies nice. I didn't follow a pattern, I'm glad it turned out well.
This is me modelling one the the slouchy beanies I finished. ;)

I used 3 strands of Familia Soft Yarns in Dark Blue.

I used a bulky yarn in Oceanus for this cutie.

My cousin Nikko loving his Pokemon-inspired beanie. He loves the company of my brother, Bjorn.

I used Red Heart Super Savers in Earth & Sky for this.

I'm not sure how many balls of Familia acrylic I used up for this. Very pretty!
I made this for my handsome nephew, Pogs.

My Papa says  he's too old to wear slouchy beanies, he requested for a ribbed bonnet instead. He likes it because it's warm, and he asked me to make him a scarf as well. As of now, I haven't started making the scarf yet, but I already finished his bonnet. I asked him to send me a photo of him wearing the bonnet, he said he will send me one when he's not busy. :)
Here are the ribbed bonnets with their yummy background. LOL
Daddie loves this!
This is for my cousin, Milka.

Ella feels very comfortable wearing her bonnet, pictured here with her Ninong.

There's one place that I really love to photograph my finished projects into, my Tito and Tita's house. We also live here so I have easy access to the beautiful scenery. I'm going to showcase the photos of the granny bottom bags...
The very vibrant rainbow-colored GBB!
This is my favorite. I used Red Heart Super Saver in Earth & Sky, Primary and Fall.
This is a gift for Janice, my brother's girlfriend and a very good friend of mine.
Janice ordered this for her mom. I added a cute button for closure. The photo was taken at their home. :)

These are the projects that I finished the past 3 months, I have lots of WIP's here which I will be posting on my next blog entry.

Thank you so much for your time reading my blog. Till my next post.

Peace and Love,
Sacha :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's Been A While...

I know it's been a while, I realize how I missed posting here. I've been very busy with the business and there are just so many things to do. But I crochet during my free time, my free time's just not enough to compose a blog post. But I have so many things to show, my finished projects over the past months...
1.)  Crochet Hoop Earrings - I followed another YouTube tutorial by Jess (simplycrochet2021) and they're just so pretty! Jess used bangles for the "hoops," I found a smaller-sized set of rings at the fashion accessory store where I usually buy materials. I experimented by adding beads, fimo beads and crystals. I just love how they came out. <3

2.)  iPad Case - My friend Maksi asked me to make an iPad case for his brother Jeff, who likes to have it in purple. Please excuse the photo quality, I used my cellphone camera and the lighting is horrible. Plus I'm still saving up for a good camera. :) I didn't follow a pattern for this, this is my own design I should say. I made this in half double crochet, which is my favorite stitch by the way. I'm so happy Jeff loved it!

3.)  Granny Bottom Bag - Another awesome tutorial by Marcelle (OVW in YouTube). The video has 2 parts, this is her Tutorial Tuesday 15 video. She instructed to make the basic 20x20 granny square, then followed her instructions into making it a pretty bag. I used leftover yarns for my bag & I experimented with 5 colors: dark grey, purple, chocolate brown, grey and blue violet. I was glad the colors coordinated well. :)
And I made 37 rows of 8 hdc for the handles.

4.)  Doilies - Lately I'm going crazy about crochet doilies! There's something about the intricate details that I find very beautiful. I found 3 patterns in Ravelry named "Pretty Pineapples" and I was able to finish one. The others are still WIP's.
Lovely.... Just lovely... <3<3<3

There you go! The projects that I've finished during my long absence. Thank you for your time and enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving, too!

~ Peace and Love, Sacha

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Crochet earrings... My most favorite accessory!

I truly count on a pair of earrings to compliment whatever I'm wearing, it's my most favorite accessory. I got excited to follow video tutorials on crochet earrings, of course by Marcelle - OVW and Teresa - tjw1963. These lovely ladies are the greatest!
This is the Khloe earrings by Teresa. The original pattern has 6 sides, I only made 5 sides on these.
These are my current favorites. OVW's Cascade Earrings. I love the details on the design.
Teresa's Nicole earrings. Reminds me of the sun.. And summer.
I lightly starched them to make them stay in shape. I hope to wear them one of these days. I just love them! <3

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day 2012 (Missing my Mama a lot)

It's been almost 6 years now since Mama passed away, I miss her everyday. Being the only women in the family, we get to spend time together. We share our thoughts on the latest novel that we read, she's so much fun to talk to. She was the typical office girl, she bought me lots of make-up because I look too plain. But I'm not able to use them because my skin gets really itchy when I put make-up on. She was happy when I buy girly stuff for myself, like shoes and bags and clothes. I remember her often reminding me to bring home some sweet goodies when I go home from work, I miss seeing the happy and excited expression on her face when I walked in the door. I miss our movie dates, the way she clings on to my arm or she holds my hand while we walked. I miss the fun times we make mango float and fruit salad together, she gladly volunteered to mix the condensed milk and cream together because she gets to taste it. I miss everything about her. How I wish you're here Ma. I love you very much.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's in my bag?

I got inspired with Kate's (from The Small Things Blog) blog entries lately and I thought of sharing to y'all what's in my granny square crochet bag as well. :)
Okay, I'd like to start off with my 2 cellphones. Yeah I have 2 cellphones. The red one is I think a Nokia 101 and it's dual sim, I have sims from 2 different networks in here. heheh. My Samsung Galaxy Young is just the greatest phone I've had in my life, I can go online wherever and whenever I want. But I only access to the internet in a WiFi zone so I won't get billed for internet usage. hahah! Well, moving forward... I have my favorite comb handy, can't leave the house without it. I make sure to bring my handy dandy tape measure with me as well just in case I need it. And the yellow thing below the tape measure is a menthol cone, one of my most favorite things in the world. I like it because I just have to rub it on my temples and nauseous feeling just goes away in no time. I bring along my favorite scent, Charlie Silver. Charlie White is another favorite. And to keep track of my daily activities, my planner is always with me. And I bring my sunglasses along when I feel like wearing it, to protect my eyes from the summer heat. I also keep big and small-sized crochet hooks and a pair of scissors in my bag just in case I get stuck and need to wait in a very long line or simply when I get bored, I'd just go ahead and buy some yarn. Crocheting just makes my day. Then there's my purple pen, my planner just can't live without it. I keep 2 flavors of my favorite Victoria's Secret lipgloss and a pack of tissue. Oh, I forgot to include my house keys on the photo. I think that's the most important thing to bring when I get out of the house. nyaheheh.  :-D
So far these are the important things that I need when I get out of the house. And I hope you enjoy reading my entry as well... Till next time. Thanks and God bless you all.  ;)